La Maison Orphanage A Loving Family Environment

The Story of La Maison de Nos Petite Enfants

The devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January 2010 killed the parents of 9 children in the Haitian Roots scholarship program. Those children were brought to La Maison de nos Petite Enfants, (Home of Our Little Children), an orphanage run by Harry Mardy who also volunteers to help the scholarship program. A special partnership formed when Haitian Roots folded this orphanage into its mission statement and John and Deborah Wunderli, who adopted 3 of those 9 orphans, became the advisors and soul funders of the orphanage.

Our director Harry and his wife Pascal are an amazing father/mother team who live in the orphanage with their three children and run this home for children like a large family. La Maison currently cares for up to 25 children and provides jobs to several people enabling these individuals to support their families.

The World Banks estimates that there are over 450,000 orphans in Haiti and there are no state-run orphanages or any government assistance to help these children. Many young kids in Haiti fend for themselves on the streets and live under pieces of cardboard. Because of this harsh reality, we are committed to helping our orphanage director protect and educate a few of these most vulnerable children.

All children at La Maison are eligible to be adopted, and while that is the journey many should take, La Maison is always seeking for ways to help families in Haiti stay together.

Our Vision

To provide a safe, nurturing family environment for the orphaned or abandoned children of Haiti that will empower them to be happy, productive, and self-sufficient adults.

Our Mission

To meet the urgent and long-term needs of the orphans or abandoned children in our care by providing:

  • Food, shelter, and health care
  • A caring and nurturing family environment
  • Above standard education, including English language and vocational training
  • A community outreach program that supports struggling parents and families in Haiti

How You Can Help

You can help support La Maison’s vision and mission by sponsoring a child, donating to our general fund, organizing a fundraiser, or becoming a volunteer.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship is the most effective way to changes a child’s life. It costs $200 a month to feed, care for and educate one child at La Maison. This is more than most people can afford so our sponsorships are broken into different levels. You can sponsor a child at $200, $100, $50 or $35 per month. As a sponsor you will receive updates and photos of your child enabling you to follow their progress until they are adopted or until they are old enough to leave the orphanage and provide for themselves.

Volunteer in Haiti

We invite you to see us in action by joining one of our volunteer trips to La Maison. You will meet the kids and make great memories as you work, play and learn. See first hand the difference you are making in the lives of very special children. Contact for more information.

Volunteer in the U.S.

Everyone working to help La Maison Orphanage in the U.S is a volunteer. You can help us find sponsors for our kids, organize your own fundraiser and help us raise awareness. We need you!! Contact Deborah Wunderli for more information.

Our Future

  1. We need to purchase the orphanage from our landlord so that we can renovate it to a higher standard. We want the orphanage to have running water and reliable electricity. We also need to add guest rooms onto the home so that we have accommodations we can rent to visiting adoptive parents and volunteers, generating income for the orphanage.
  2. In addition to guest rooms, La Maison would benefit from the purchase of a van to help generate additional income and transport the kids. A suitable van would cost $40,000.
  3. La Maison would like to ensure the quality of education that the children receive and to offer that same education to the surrounding community. An important long-term goal for La Maison is the construction of a small school within walking distance from the orphanage.

Ensure the Future of La Maison

Send a check in any amount to Haitian Roots, P.O. Box 901478 Sandy, UT 84090 or donate online at and specify La Maison Orphanage. You can make a one-time donation or sign up to make ongoing monthly donations.

Our Thanks

Thank you for your support of La Maison Orphanage. All donations are tax deductablie and every penny of your donation goes toward providing an education, food, shelter and care for children who would otherwise be living in the most vulnerable circumstances.

Special thanks to our business sponsors