Our Children

Children accepted into our education sponsorship program understand the benefits that an education can provide but, due to the tough economic circumstances in Haiti, are unable to afford the minimum costs of tuition and fees required to attend public school. After submitting an application, they are evaluated by one of our in-country coordinators and must be approved by a member of the Haitian Roots Board of Directors before they are accepted to our program. For $300/year (or $25/month) you help a child attend school -- an opportunity taken for granted by most of us. To the children (and their families) in our sponsorship program, receiving an education means hope for the future and an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. You can change the life of one of these precious children by becoming a sponsor today!

If you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.

Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Richard Montalmont

Richard is 11 years old. He is in the program along with his younger sister, Shledia. Richard is a sweet boy and very smart. He likes to joke around and smile. However he worries about economic problems and still is stressed about the earthquake. When asked if he could have any wish what it would be, Richard responded, "That I would not be miserable, because misery is not fun."

Nayonjie Merceda

Nayonjie is 13 years old. Her birthday is April 18th. Her favorite school subject is French. Nayonjie's dream is to join the police force one day because police officers help people. She is most grateful for love, education, and family.

Bethsaida Franska Mazile

Bethsaida is 12 years old. Her birthday is Sept 17th. She lives with her mother and her little brother, Bevenchy, who is also in the program. Her favorite school subject is French. She would like to become a doctor when she grows up. When she is not in school she likes to read.

Bevenchy Mazile

Bevenchy is 8 years old. He is one of three children in his family. He recently listed some things that he is grateful for: "my mom, my dad, my sisters, my aunt, and Haitian Roots." Bevenchy enjoys playing soccer and loves the color green. His favorite food is rice. His favorite subject in school is math and he hopes to become a doctor when he grows up.

Paul Mady

Hi! My name is Paul. My birthday is March 14th, 2004. My favorite subject is French. My dream is to become a pilot some day. When I am not in school I enjoy reading and playing soccer with my friends.

Marie Claudia Louis

Marie is 10 years old. Her birthday is May 15th. Her favorite subject in school is Math. She would like to become a doctor one day. She enjoys playing soccer. She is most grateful for, "My mom, my dad, God, School, and everyone that helps me."

Dorianne Melissa Louis

Dorianne is 8 years old. Her birthday is March 8th. Her favorite thing that she is learning in school is how to sew. Although it is difficult to get her to smile for the camera, Dorianne is a very sweet girl with a kind heart. She works hard and likes to share and serve others.

Estelle Aline Jeanty

Estelle is 11 years old and her birthday is August 14th. She lives with her mom, dad, and little brother. She enjoys playing soccer, reading, and helping others by making them food or helping them with their laundry. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite school subject is math. She wants to become a doctor because, "I like to help people."

Saramaline Jean

Saramaline is 12 years old. Her birthday is December 3rd. She loves to jump rope and color. She works very hard to be able to have a better future for her and her family. Her favorite course in school is French but she wants to study to become a nurse. She says that she has had many members of her family suffer from various illness and she hopes to be able to learn how to take care of them and others.

Jerry Jean Emmanuel

Jerry is 13 years old and his birthday is May 25th. He has been sponsored by the same family for many years now. He feels a close connection to them and has said, "It makes me feel so good to know that somebody, somewhere is thinking about me." His favorite subject in school is English. His dream is to become a professional soccer player because "it helps me grow and gives me energy." He says that the 5 things he is most grateful for are: love, obedience, wisdom, honesty, and assistance.

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