Our Children

Children accepted into our education sponsorship program understand the benefits that an education can provide but, due to the tough economic circumstances in Haiti, are unable to afford the minimum costs of tuition and fees required to attend public school. After submitting an application, they are evaluated by one of our in-country coordinators and must be approved by a member of the Haitian Roots Board of Directors before they are accepted to our program. For $300/year (or $25/month) you help a child attend school -- an opportunity taken for granted by most of us. To the children (and their families) in our sponsorship program, receiving an education means hope for the future and an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. You can change the life of one of these precious children by becoming a sponsor today!

If you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.

Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Diana Phanord

Diana is 12 years old. Her birthday is September 24th. She lives with her parents and 4 siblings. In school her favorite subject is math. She said that in the future she would like to become a banker because she enjoys talking face to face with people, would enjoy being in an office, and feels it would provide her with a good future. She says, "When I am not in school I read of lot of books because I can learn a lot of new words and a lot of other new things." Diana like soccer. Her favorite colors are pink, yellow, and green. Diana dreams that one day she may be able to visit other countries and learn about other cultures.

Christelle Saintyl

Christelle is 11 years old. Her birthday is November 7th. Her favorite subject in school is math. She hopes to become a nurse some day to be able to take care of the sick. When she is not in school Christelle likes to play, especially jump rope, and also study. If Christelle could wish for one thing it would be that she could leave Haiti and visit other countries.

Christella Monchery

Christella is 14 years old. Her birthday is Valentines Day. Christella and her family (her brother Mackenson is also in Haitian Roots) have been through some extremely difficult times but Christella always seems to have a smile on her face. Her favorite subject in school is public speaking. She says that she would like to become a doctor some day because she likes to help people. Her favorite color is pink. She wishes that one day she might be able to live in the United States.

Blondine Marelus

Blondine is 10 years old. Her birthday is September 18th. Her favorite school subject is math. She hopes to become a nurse someday because that is something that she has always been interested in and she likes to help make people feel better. Her favorite food is rice and milk (our translator says its very good the Haitian way), but she does not like corn mush. She loves to jump rope. Her favorite colors are blue, yellow, and white. Blondine is sick a lot because of sickle cell anemia. Her wish is that she could have some medicine to help her in some way.

Abdias Phanord

Abdias is 7 years old. His birthday is October 4th. He enjoys everything he is learning in school and wants to become a doctor some day so that he can learn how to take care of others. When he's not in school he likes to practice reading and play soccer. His favorite color is red. He likes rice & bean sauce but does not like ground millet. Abdias dreams that one day he will be able to visit another country to be able to see and learn more things.

Kechny Jomanie Cesar

Kechny Jomanie Cesar goes by her middle name. Jomanie is 4 years old. Her birthday is August 4th. She lives with her parents and 2 siblings. Her older brother, Pierre Marcus, is in the program as well. Jomanie is very friendly. She loves to draw. She fell in love with her sponsor when she met her in August of 2012.

Pierre Marcus Cesar

Pierre Marcus is 11 years old. His birthday is January 11th. Marcus lives with his parents and 2 younger sisters. Marcus loves to play soccer.

Woodline Rochenel

Woodline is 14 years old and her birthday is March 7th. She lives with her parents, 4 sisters, and 3 brothers. Her favorite subject in school is math. Woodline would like to become a doctor some day because, "I would like to take sickness away from people's lives." She enjoys school very much. Her favorite food is rice and beans and her favorite color is blue. She also likes to play basketball when she has the opportunity.

Nadia Rochenel

Nadia is 15 years old. Her birthday is December 23rd. Her sister, Woodline, is also in the Haitian Roots education program. Nadia wants to become a pediatrician because she really loves children and wants to help those who are ill. She is grateful for her health, her family, her church, and those that have helped pay for her education. Nadia is a very spiritual girl. She says that praying for others is very important to her and she wants to serve as a missionary for her church one day.

Sariah Pierre

Sariah is 12 years old. Her birthday is February 22nd. She is the oldest of 4 children. The things that worry Sariah the most are economic problems faced by her family and the earthquake. If she could have any wish it would be that, "I could become a great girl who is a very smart doctor who helps the sick." If she could visit anywhere it would be the United States because she has friends who live there. She believes her best attributes are that she is service-oriented, respectful, nice, studious, and affectionate.

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