April 10, 2012

Dear Friends of Haitian Roots,

Greetings! We hope that this newsletter finds you all well and happy!


Our President, Isson, just returned from a trip to Haiti and we thought you’d enjoy an update. This year we revamped our process of distributing funds to assure a more accurate reporting of each child. Although we want to help as many children as possible in Haiti, our goal is not to be the biggest program, rather we want to make sure that our program is the best sponsorship program around and that our donors can trust that every penny is being spent in the most effective way possible. We also want to make sure that no child slips through the cracks. For this reason we are more closely associating directly with the parents at the distribution time and are focusing not only on the children’s attendance but on their grades and if there is anything more that the family or child needs to be able to be successful. That is a daunting task, as many of our families are struggling day to day for shelter, clean water, and food. But each child in our program is precious to us.

We also decided to recognize the top male and female student from each coordinator’s group for their outstanding academic performance. Some of you will recognize these names!!!

Jeanty, Estelle Aline 8.92

Dorcenat, Dawson 8.12

Pierre Louis, Roudolph 9.72

Trezard, Wood 8.23

St Germain, Colby 8.02

Figaro, Francesca 9.00

We sure do love all of these children and are so grateful for your support! We have updated photos and letters from your sponsored children which will be sent out in the next week!


Most of you know that the Haitian government was threatening to seize our land. It is a beautiful piece of land and extremely rare and valuable in a tiny country like Haiti. Isson met with President Martelly while on this last visit to talk about Haitian Roots and our desires with educating and helping children have hope for tomorrow in Haiti. We are not financially or otherwise prepared to move forward with the larger project, so at this time we need to simply show that we are using the land in some way. We can do that with out using much money. We have plans in the works to create a natural perimeter wall around the land with trees, some farming projects with the local village, and ideas for a soccer field. This work will be completed during a volunteer trip in August. Look forward to more details soon!


We are so grateful to each one of you for the support that you have given to us, and most importantly, to the children of Haiti. Remember, “There is unambiguous proof that education BEATS poverty.” (Global Campaign for Children’s Education) We are so grateful to have almost completed our 6th school year! Please continue to help us raise funds throughout this summer so that all of our children will be able to start school again next fall.


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The Haitian Roots Team

P.S. Stay tuned for some exciting news about Haitian Roots coming soon!

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