Newsletter, September 2010

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe."  ~ H.G. Wells

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First Stage of Children’s Village Project Officially Underway!!!

HR President Isson Joseph arrived in Haiti again on July 13th to begin on the first step of our project, which is to clean and excavate the land.  The land itself is beautiful and the surveyor told us many good things about it.  Water will be easy to get to through wells but the land is not swampy.  The soil is very fertile and we should have no problem growing about anything we'd like on it, so we are excited for the agricultural aspects of the project.  He told us it is just a very "prime piece of land".  However, right now it is covered with huge thorn bushes and not much else.

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Architect Team in Haiti

We had a lot of things to accomplish on our June volunteer trip. One of the great things that we were able to do was have 9 members of the architect team join us to learn about Haiti, the culture, the people, and the land so that they can design the best school and village as possible for us. Six students from the University of Utah, two professors, and a member of Common Studio were able to visit Haiti with us. They were so wonderful! We could not have been more impressed with them. One student, Chris Clemmons shared few of his thoughts about the experience:

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Partnership and June Haiti Trip Announcement

Haitian Roots Land

Shortly after the earthquake, Shannon Cox received a phone call from Dijana Alickovic from Common Studio (  Dijana said that her volunteer organization of architects was wondering if Haitian Roots could use their help in any way.  It just so happened that we were in the process of acquiring our land and coming up with our children's village project.  The timing couldn't have been better.

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