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Haiti Flower Mural flyer

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Sweat for Haiti Fundraiser


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Running For Haiti


Mountain Land Physical Therapy is excited to announce their first annual "Running For Haiti" event! On October 3, 2015join with thousands of people across the country and internationally as they don their "Running for Haiti" t-shirts and run or walk!

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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser


The Morrison family and Richfield (Utah) High School’s National Honor Society work together each year to serve a pancake breakfast to the community, as well as RHS students.

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Itsy Photography Fundraiser

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.54.45 PM

We'd like to thank Ela, with Itsy Photography, for donating two full days of proceeds from her holiday photo shoots to Haitian Roots.  While Ela did back flips to get every child to smile, Santa sat for 7 hours straight,  ready to hold dozens of screaming 2 year olds for that memorable Christmas photo.

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Giving with Giftry


Haitian Roots is very excited to announce a new fund-raising opportunity for our educational program. is a new social gifting website that will be launching at the end of the summer.  To generate excitement, they’ve agreed to donate $.50 for every person that signs up to learn more about their upcoming launch. To signup, just go to and enter your email address. 

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Yuda Bands

YUDA Bands, America's most popular service learning project, has invited Haitian Roots to continue joining forces with them as one of their Premiere Partners! Derived from ayuda, the Spanish word for help, YUDA Bands are popular handmade leather and coconut bracelets sold in US high schools, jr. highs, and middle schools, to raise money for a variety of causes. So far, nearly $20,000 has been raised through Yuda Bands for kids in the Haitian Roots program!

You can help us to continue building Haitian Roots through Yuda Bands by visiting their website and asking for a FREE Info Pack, which includes a sample Yuda Band and a DVD telling how the project works. Then, share the idea of Yuda Bands with someone you know who is a student, parent, teacher, or otherwise involved with your local high school, jr high, or middle school. Once a school decides to host a project, Yuda Bands takes over, working alongside youth leaders, via Internet, to make the project a success for Haitian Roots. Yuda Bands covers the cost for all shipping, including the return of any unsold bands, so there is no expense or risk to the school. After the project is completed, OUR organization will receive a check based on the number of Yuda Bands sold. Help Haitian Roots today by visiting the Yuda Bands website to learn more and request a Free Info Pack!
Also, check out these great videos from Yuda Bands:

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Richfield Highschool/Morrison Fundraiser

The Morrison family in Haiti with their adoptive daughter, Mara.

We are always excited to share the successes, inspiration, and thoughts from our supporters.  Recently the Morrison family from Richfield, UT, held a fundraiser and earned enough money to send 11 kids to school next fall. 

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Creating Ripples


Mother Teresa says, “I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  This past December many kind and generous individuals created ripples that will benefit our orphanage family for many years to come.

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Izzy's grandmother collects donations at the breakfast.

May 5, 2010 We have had some really wonderful fundraisers done for us the past several months.  We hope we have adequately thanked all of those involved! We are so extremely grateful.  This post is certainly not meant to exclude anybody who has done great fundraising for us. We hope this post expresses gratitude and gives ideas to others of projects they might like to do at their business or school to help Haiti!  *

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Special thanks to our business sponsors