Meeting Christian Pierre in Haiti


I begin sponsoring Christian Pierre’s schooling through Haitian Roots about one year ago. I had received his photo and a short letter from him so I knew a little about him and his life. As I prepared to go to Haiti this year in June 2014, I knew I really wanted to meet Christian.

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Extreme Makeover Haiti Orphanage Edition


Who says dreams can’t come true? Not us! Last month many dreams that we’ve had for the orphanage came true when

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Creating Ripples


Mother Teresa says, “I alone can not change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  This past December many kind and generous individuals created ripples that will benefit our orphanage family for many years to come.

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Highlight from Haiti — Kelly Howard

Kelly & HR

Our long time friend and supporter, Kelly Howard joined us on this last volunteer trip and shared the following: "In 2008 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Haiti with Haitian Roots and serve some of the people there.

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Summary of Volunteer Trip

Estelle Alime Jeanty and Shannon at her home.  This photo was able to be taken becaues the wall is gone from this side of the house.  Shannon is standing where the wall once was.

August 29, 2012 Dear Friends of Haitian Roots, We had a wonderful group of volunteers accompany us to Haiti a couple of weeks ago.  Haiti is full of heart-bursting joy and heart-rending sadness.  We saw and experienced a lot of both.

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July 2011 Newsletter

May 2011 100

Jul. 25, 2011 Dear Friends of Haitian Roots, It has been awhile since we've sent out a newsletter and we have a lot of updating to do!

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Architect Team in Haiti

U of U architect student, Chris Clemmons, plays with HR child.

We had a lot of things to accomplish on our June volunteer trip. One of the great things that we were able to do was have 9 members of the architect team join us to learn about Haiti, the culture, the people, and the land so that they can design the best school and village as possible for us. Six students from the University of Utah, two professors, and a member of Common Studio were able to visit Haiti with us. They were so wonderful! We could not have been more impressed with them. One student, Chris Clemmons shared few of his thoughts about the experience:

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June Haiti Trip (as told by Kristin Egan)


Wednesday, 6/2/10

It is 9:00 and I finally have time to send off an email. What an amazing day. We left Miami early this morning having had about 2 hours of sleep and arrived in Port au Prince around 8:00am. Obviously, the first thing we noticed was the heat. Ben called it heavy heat. That is certainly accurate. Ben also said he has never sweated so much in his life. Welcome to Haiti! Fortunately all of our bags arrived with us and fortunately there was someone there to pick us up. A guy named "Big" who's description fits his name. He had a "posse" that helped us battle our way through all the guys outside trying to grab our bags. We piled in 3 vehicles and Made our way on to the crazy, crowded Haitian roads.

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